Installing Additional Browsers

When a home computer is shared amongst multiple family members, they often share a single login for the computer. All modern computers have the ability for each family member to have their own account, and, in most cases, those accounts can be setup so that parents, when logged in, can monitor the activities their children engaged in when the children were logged in. However, setting up these accounts takes a little time and learning that frankly many parents don't have the time to do.

As most of the programs and services that we now use are websites to which we login, sharing a single login to the computer can cause some problems. When everyone is sharing the login, they also share a web browser and web browser session, which means a parent logged into E-mail prevents a child from logging into her Google Docs. One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to install multiple web browsers (all of which are free) on the computer, and assign a browser to each family member. Most computers come with a browser like Edge, Internet Explorer, or Safari. The most popular and well-supported add-on browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but there are many others that are of high quality. Below are instructions for downloading and installing Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Brave. If you need to add more than three browsers to your computer, consider Google Chrome Beta, Google Chrome Dev, and Opera.