Frequently Asked Questions


I am using an iPad or iPhone.  When I log into Clever, certain links don't work (I get a white screen).
If you are using an iPhone or iPad, the Clever plug-in is installed differently than it is if you are using a traditional laptop or desktop computer.  The Clever plug-in is an app in the App Store.  On your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), go to the following page to install the Clever App on your iPhone or iPad: .

I have an Android Phone or Android Tablet.  I can login to Clever, but most apps prompt me for a username and password.
Unfortunately, Clever does not support the Android platform at this time.

I am able to login to Clever, but after clicking on most of the apps, I am asked for another username and password.
This behavior is almost always because the Clever extension has not been installed.  Follow the instructions in the mailing that was sent home to install the Clever extension.  If you are using an iPhone or iPad, see the item in this section that begins with "I am using an iPad or iPhone."

After pressing the "Login with Google" button, I get a screen that says "Uh Oh!  We were not able to authenticate using Google email."  I don't even have a spot to enter a username and password.
This usually means that someone else is already logged into another Google account in this browser.  The easiest long-term solution to this is to have a separate web browser for each person who uses the computer.  Directions for installing other browsers can be found here.

The second way to deal with this issue is to visit the following link and then try to login to Clever again.  It will sign out any users currently logged into the browser.


How do I connect my district Chromebook to my home WiFi?
Connecting to WiFi

After entering a new password into a Chromebook, all I get is a white screen or black screen.
This occasionally happens.  When it does, hold the power button in for 30-60 seconds, which will force the machine to shutdown.  Then, power it on again.  This will usually return the machine to normal operation.

My Chromebook keeps dropping the connection to a Google Meet session.
There are several possible reasons for this.  The most common are:

Google Meet

My microphone is not picking up any sound in Google Meet.
Watch this video for some microphone troubleshooting tips for Google Meet.